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Kindersalmon AW19' Season theme :

The word 'Relationship' is being used very generally nowadays.There would be things that people who are in a 'Relationship' can only know but anyone else can.
'Relationship' is always made out of the box, in a form that suits a mind of parties whether they have any positions of each other.
2020 S/S Collection is focused on this 'Relationship' that is based on Daily life which approaches comfortably with a simple,
and familiar feeling. When it finally has 'Relationship' with you, It becomes substance with a special personality itself, that uncontrollable, with that relationship.
2020 S/S Collection is a journey to become one of the uses that can be turned into a substance with a special personality from closer places to women.
Products that are mainly made of Cotton, Linen, and Wool show its warm and kindness from its touch, understated colors, formative and static silhouette. view more