• Light wear for summer

: A ferminine sleeveless that gives plus effect using minus mood.

Meet our sleeveless in 'New Summer Edition' that bring feminine mood and freshness

in summer day with minimal design and light fitting.



[Essential] Summertime Dress - Orange/Black

[Essential] Soft Linen Dress - Natural/Black

• About Linen

: Coolness. Lightness. Refreshing. Naturality.

Complete your style with essential summer items that maximize characteristics of

linen that deliver cool, light, fresh and natural silhouettes.



[Essential] Soft Linen Top Natural

[Essential] Soft Linen Pants Natural

• Summer give colors..

: Color given by summer in the sun which is scorched.

Apricot color of well riped apricot fruit.

Tan color, like tanned skin in warm sunshine.

Please meet the various color items presented by Summer at the Essential Summer 2020 Collection.



[Essential] Asymmetry Top Apricot

[Essential] Lenoir Jeans Tan

[Essential] Cocoon Silhouette Dress Tan

• Sunset on the beach

: A holiday wear for my summer vacation.

A comfortable and soft-fir flip flop that looks like walking on the beach looking at the sea at sunset.

Go on a summer vacation trip with 'Natural mood' tote bag made canvas fabric.



[Essential] Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote Ecru

[Essential] Leather-Trimmed Canvas Crossbody Ecru

[Essential] Leather Frip Flops - Cream/Black

• Anytime, Anywhrer

: The Essential Line TR Bag Edition, reimagined in vintage and classic.

Put my 'Must Have Item' In our multi bag and meet our TR bag eddition.

It is available to styling in anytime, anywhere.



[Essential] Trapeze Shoulder Bag - Black/Brown/Light Mint

[Essential] Tray Shoulder Bag - Cream/Black/Tan

 The good windy day

: Summer that bring the warmest and most silky winds of all seasons.

Please complete your summer look and styling classic and casual with printing scarf

made in black and cream color and it gives you monotony.



[Essential] Silk 100% Scarf 01

[Essential] Silk 100% Scarf 02

[Essential] Silk 100% Scarf 03